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With a weight between 40 – 60 pounds, the coat of a McNab is mostly short-haired, but can also have medium and long coats. Coloring can include Black, Red, Blue, Lilac, Sable with variations of White, Tan and Tri-Color markings included. They traditionally have bobbed tails, though some McNab breeders leave their tails on – many are born "naturally bobbed." The longer-haired McNab may need some brushing, but the breed has a tendency to groom itself expertly. Since they have been bred primarily for performance and not looks, the McNab has very few genetic problems. Life span averages 10–15 years. All of our McNab breeding dogs are certified for hips and elbows with the Orthopedic Foundation of America.

Besides being an avid Herder, the McNab is used for hunting Wild Boar, protection, performing in Agility, Disc (Frisbee), Dock Diving, Fly Ball & Barn Hunting competitions and for faithful companionship. Intelligent and energetic, they need a job to do – whether it's herding cattle or jogging a trail with their owner.

The McNab is not necessarily a "one person" dog. A young pup learns quickly who its family members are and will be extremely loyal and affectionate, but protective against strangers or stray animals. They are more direct and use more force than a Border Collie, not as excitable as a Kelpie, yet not as strong tempered as a Queensland.

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