Update For: Boulder

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I bought Boulder last Summer (2013) from Dan Korf through Nicole Palmer. My main interest in him was because he was double bred Get Ahead Monte a dog that Nicole still has and who is our Brandy's dad and grandfather to Baigal. But in further research of Boulder's pedigree I found out that 8 generations back he goes to William's Cody, the father of our Whiskey. Bob talked to Gary a few weeks back and Gary said that Cody was one of his best cowdogs. Judy Bingham bred her bitch Brandy to Cody to produce Whiskey. Then I also found out that Boulder went back 8 generations to my Nikko's mom, Heilani Clubb Del Jayme. Heilani is also the grandmother to William's Dude great great grandmother to Blazzards Twister. So needless to say I'm very happy to have Boulder. Nicole Palmer has his littermate sister,Katie.